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Kickin' It With Kava Good Vibes & Great People

The first Kava Bar in Missouri! Come see what all the talk is about and find a new way to relax and chill! Open 7 days a week.What is Kava? Kava is a root from the Polynesian islands that has been a social drink for tribes for 5,000 years. It is a medically-proven stress-relieving root that has been used for centuries by people of the Pacific islands to manage a wide range of physical problems. A relaxing tonic that is also anti-anxiety and a muscle relaxer. Served in a shell, traditionally an earthy taste, it can be quite euphoric and shocking your first time. Can be flavored for the more faint of heart! Known for its calming and restorative properties, Kava causes one to feel happy, unconcerned and contented. Mental status is not altered and will not place one into an angry state and there are no hangovers. Kava is a great alternative to alcohol and is known to help with anxiety, sleep, menopause, muscle relaxation, depression, alcohol & drug addiction.

Latest Specialties from Near & Far

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    Waka Grade Kava 'On Tap'

    Ok, so kava doesn’t actually come from the tap; but come on down to Kickin’ It With Kava for bowl after bowl of some fantastic waka grade kava straight from Fiji.

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    Kratom Tea

    Kratom tea can be energizing, calming, pain relieving, and significantly enhances social environments; it also has anti-inflamatory properties and stimulates the immune system.

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    And The Best Part

    The best part about Kickin’ It With Kava is our people, BULA!

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    CBD Products

    CBD Dabs are just the beginning..

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    Kava Tea

    Try our expertly crated kava brews made fresh just for you!

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    Kratom Tree

    Beautiful kratom trees with flowers in bloom.

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    Kava Leaf

    Although kava leafs are vibrant and beautiful; the roots are the part of the plant used to brew kava tea.

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    Red, Green, & White Kratom

    Try our many varieties of relaxing reds, gorgeous greens, & energizing whites

Our Chill Selection

Take a look at our domestically grown and fresh off the boat fare.


  • Organic Kava

    $4-4oz | $7-8oz

    Fresh Fijian kava root. Smooth Texture, very strong effect

  • Kava Shot


    2oz double strength kava

  • Kava Latte

    $5-8oz | $9-16oz

    Organic kava infused with coffee, served over ice

  • Cha-Kava


    Organic Kava blended with chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream & chocolate syrup

  • Kratom Tea

    $5-8oz | $9-16oz

    Freshly brewed choice of Red, White, or Green kratom. Great for aches, pains, energy, and mood boost!

  • Cyclone


    Can't decide? Feeling adventerous? Go for the best of both worlds with this kava/kratom cocktail hybrid. Organic kava blended with 1/2 tablespoon of Red, White, or Green kratom.

  • Specialty Drinks

    11oz $9-w/Kava | $10-w/Kratom

    Kava/Kratom-Rita | Kava/Kratom-Colada | Kava/Kratom Strawberry Daiquiri | Kava/Kratom Sunrise

  • Premium Loose Leaf Tea


    Choose from Morning Energy, Chai, Turtle Chai, Black, Green, or Blue Lotus. Served hot and freshly steeped

  • CBD Tea


    Choose from Hibiscus Berry, Black Blend, or Citron Green. Served hot and freshly steeped

  • CBD Coffee


    Freshly brewed 'pour-over style' freshly ground coffee, infused with CBD extract.

  • Coffee


    Freshly brewed 'pour-over style' freshly ground premium blend coffee

  • CBD Isolate Dabs

    $3 for 1 / $5 for 2

    Dab it up

  • CBD Infusion Hit

    $ 3

    Add 33mg of CBD tincture to any drink

  • Pretzel

    $ 3

    King sized soft pretzel. Cinnamon-sugar or Salted w/ cheese

  • Nachos

    $ 3

    Cheese nachos with jalapenos

  • Soda

    $ 1.50

    Your choice

  • Red Bull

    $ 3.50

    Open all night!

  • Bottled Water

    $ 1


  • CBDoobies

    $ 10

    For the classic approach

  • CBD Gummies

    $ 10

    5 gummies = 125mg CBD

  • Grey Matter CBD Oil 1000mg

    $ 59.99

    1 oz. Bottle

  • CBD Body Butter 500mg

    $ 44.99

    2 oz. Tin

  • Grey Matter CBD Isolate

    $ 44.99

    1 gram

  • CBD 3 in 1 Candle

    $ 24.99


  • CBD Bath Bombs

    $ 12.99